1. Cock Dr


  2. MILF

    “Who knew getting peed on by a minor rapper would land me a TV series, clothing line and numerous faux-mances?”

  3. Frank Burns

    She’s showing him how her team of stylists heft her ass into her pants each day.

  4. downwithmuffins

    omg wait.. ARE YOU GRIMACE?! :D

  5. JC

    “And then Kanye’s management team were all like, ‘Read this contract and sign it,’ and I’m all like ‘Read? I can’t read!’”

  6. Mark R

    How she loves recounting how it all started.

  7. Spartacus


  8. MILF

    He must have asked her who Khloe’s father is.

  9. TonyMni

    See Mr Silver, this is what I did right before Ray J pee’d on my face. Weeeeeee!!!

  10. I told Kanye a solid 13 was the best I could do. Until we see some numbers, I totally can’t guarantee him a back 9 pick-up.

  11. “And then I was like, ‘Oh em gee! My sex tape has been released! Oh heavens NO!’ Hahaha!”

  12. Blech

    Fuck misery, uselessness, depression– her face will always look like this.

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