1. diego


  2. dirtdog


  3. We, I mean she, should be grateful there isn’t a butt stain.

  4. SupaDupa

    KIM: Does my ass look ridiculous from this angle?
    CAR: Yes…Yes it does

  5. CuriousTroll

    That skirt looks like a translucent trash bag full of cottage cheese. She should do some pushups for those flabby sausages she calls arms, too.

    • KC

      Saying that Kim Kardashian’s ass looks like a garbage bag full of cottage cheese is the only accurate thing Paris Hilton has ever said so you really should give her credit when you say that.

  6. Mr. Poop, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm

    Im surprised that ass crack isn’t devouring her garbage bag of a skirt

  7. cabora

    Ever since Kayne got rid of her clothes and started dressing her… she just looks ridiculously horrible.

  8. InkyBlack

    Fuck! It’s Mrs Creosote!

  9. Jezebel

    She is wearing underwear. Her ass ate it.

  10. Misana

    Ohhhh! Now I see it.. I was wondering how they knew she wasn’t wearing any. ugh.

  11. Amazed

    Even Kanye can’t stand this shit anymore…

  12. BSname

    Her ass is packed in that skirt so tight that there isn’t much of a danger of skid marks.

  13. My grammas fat ass looks better than that chiz.

  14. shaheeh

    leave her alone you just mad you dont look that good

  15. YEs

    Even though, as a commenter said above, her ass is packed in like fudge to that skirt, I know at the end of the day there is peanuts and corn shit stains all over that skirt…even in the front and on her top. She’s a gross pig. Since the skirt is see through, I already see some shit stains. The shit stains are semen enriched.

  16. Jessie

    I feel really sorry for her. She is such a beautiful girl that must have issues with her self-esteem. She must feel she has to show and use her body to keep the black men coming. If I would have seen all the ASS walking by before diner I would have lost me appetite. People think that she is trash and sleeping her way thru Hollywood. I wish she would show more class. I really like Khloe.

  17. jane

    i can’t believe the stupid comments.. i bet all these people are either asexual, castrated, or just damn ugly and jealous.. kim kardashian has got to be the hottest woman in the universe.. i would worship every inch of her divine body. she is to die for!!

  18. Bunu Yazan Tosun

    Kırk yıllık zeytinciyim böyle küfe görmedim……

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