1. YTBOY

    Talk about a sloppy ass!!

  2. dirtdog


  3. spartacus


  4. She’s so disgusting that I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of peeing on her!

  5. NattyIce

    No Kim…the skirt material isn’t sagging…that’s your ass.

  6. PtC

    “Does this ass make my car look small?”

  7. alexis

    que buena esta esa mujer

  8. d-d-django reinhardt

    Kim surrounded by puddles, talk about yer deja-vu.

  9. Ben Dover


  10. InkyBlack

    Kim seen here soliciting for “business”.

  11. realist

    An ass that only a BROTHA or IDIOT could love.

  12. realist

    That is one ugly arse when it ain’t in SPANX

  13. realist

    My halloween costume will be her ass and I will just wear a hippo ass plastic mask.

  14. boozybeezy

    is it just me or does this look GROSSSSSSSS?

  15. cagster

    Click event counted….I guess I’ll file this under “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

  16. Mr T

    …yes, Yes kim you look like a whore.

  17. Amazed

    She’s battling flopsweat in this shot…

  18. Neal

    It’s only a matter of time before a couple of hobbits try and throw a ring into that

  19. Biff

    Shtinky, Shwetty, bushy and Armenian vag.


  20. CB1

    She should not be wearing that outfit… that is the biggest ass I’ve ever seen….

  21. Sorry Kim, you’ll need a crane to hold that ginormous ass up.

  22. hadies

    She has a star quality,though a lack of ANY talent,she has a face like Jimney cricket and a giant porno actress ass.K.West,like Ray Jay are the correct pigment,for her,”in her strange mind,See her Dady was O.J’s best friend,her would around the house and say”hi!,it is’st surprising,the male black community of Hollywood are so lucky.Some white guys an Englishman whom I know are very besoted by her,but guess what no chance.Cos she like chocolate an not viniller!She is a sad case,Kim engage your brain!Learn to play chess,read a book!develope a personality,ya damn SKANK!dROPE k.wEST,THE WHITE COMMUNITY WANT YOU BACK!

  23. Derek

    “Prime 112″? More like “Past her prime 142″… AMIRITE?

  24. betty

    why would she show that thing?

  25. Bunu Yazan Tosun

    İçinde dildo unutmuş galiba çıkarmaya çalışıyor.

  26. She is wearing transparent underwear. If you look closely you can see her VPL

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