1. Crissy

    Guys, it seems that my zoom button is stuck. Any idea how I can unzoom?

  2. dirtdog


  3. sexyman48

    That reminds me I have to go to the store and get some canned ham.

  4. JJ


  5. neo

    I think it maybe a thong…being viciously eaten by her huge ass.

  6. SB


  7. SIN

    One side of her huge ass is bigger than the other. Nasty.

  8. From this angle she’s just another fat girl

  9. tlmck

    No panties and she still has panty lines?

  10. AtomicMug

    I’ve never seen a 48 inch long ass crack before. She must have to wipe with a toilet brush on a broom handle.

  11. Jentilly

    Geezus it’s a wonder she can walk forward that thing looks heavy!

  12. yenjvoy

    Ya, all you guys saying you wouldn’t hit it? You’d hit it. If you had access to it, you’d hit it. You’d hit it, hard and often, and thank Jesus for it before hitting it again some more.

  13. Oz Matters

    That arse crack is so deep, I doubt that even James Cameron would have the technology to fully explore it.

  14. Anyone up for a game of hungry hungry hippo?

  15. Lissa

    She is wearing sheer black underwear, you can see the lines and that is why the crack is so prominent-because the black lining runs through the crack.

  16. Eazy

    Don’t act like you wouldn’t eat that ass out

    why you repeat it??

    that was the echo

  18. jaun reyes

    thats why those black guys like her

  19. jaun reyes

    they like slapping that ass

  20. jaun reyes

    dam jiggaboos like that shit

  21. jaun reyes

    only black cocks can fill that ass

  22. YEs

    Thats a nightmare. That is not sexy. She was sexy once, but she won’t remain sexy forever. Kim fans are redefining sexiness so she remain sexy even though her ass is a smelly dump factory.

  23. Shelby

    My, what a big crack!

  24. Inky Black

    Hey! No fair Superficial, the title says Best of 2012.
    You’ll be showing us those Madonna pictures next.

  25. mike

    sexy ass no thong kim

  26. asshole

    not sexy

  27. Shocwave

    The arse crack so big !! Imagine the front crack how huge it would be, after getting the celebrity so called status, Humping and Pumping !!! I bet her mother’s would be even more huge !!!

  28. mike

    Disgusting pig

  29. Her ass looks so a real butt suppose to look like this??Hey Check out my blog for more stories

  30. Bunu Yazan Tosun

    Bu karıyı ancak 33 cm’lik yarrak tatmin eder.

  31. Ho my god you have nice bams

  32. GWB


  33. owc

    beautiful & natural

  34. owc

    See Pantiless in NYC

  35. guyanesebarbie

    my ass is way bigger and im skinnier .atleast my ass is real and it doesnt look that measurements are 32d-25-48 and im 4’ parents are from guyana so its in my genes.

  36. c-untface

    long face doggy whore

  37. that is 1 wierd chick. she always has to do something outlandish to get attention. kanye will be gone soon, ‘cuz he can’t give her all she needs. she needs the world to adore her and say she’s the best. she’s headed for a breakdown.

  38. The most disgusting ass I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine Kimmode’s ass right after taking a huge stank DUMP? There’s NO WAY she could use the amount of toilet paper normal people do. NO WAY. And she looks like Cher.

  39. Den

    What an ass she is ………not trying to b kind .

  40. Yummy. Kim Kardashian got dat ass!

  41. Thankful

    Thank God, I wasn’t born to some sleezy movie ho.

  42. EB

    Anyone who thinks that looks good, remember diarhhrea comes out of that huge ass now and then. “Just sayin ” lol

  43. poppy

    Ummm must be a lot of gay men on here?its called having a shape.

  44. Teh

    It’s hilarious that many of you can’t handle a real women’s bum unless it is played up with photoshop, thongs, panties or other manipulations to make it look sexy.

    Chances are the comments would be a lot different if she was wearing sexy lacy panties under the see through skirt.

    I love that she’s making nakedness without sexiness per se more normal. I think we should see a lot more of that! We see a lot of that with men, but not with women.

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