1. AbRtFl

    Why can’t all women look this good?

  2. bruised thunder thigh – classy

  3. cagster

    I’m pretty sure that lap bands are not external devices.

  4. ss109

    WOW!! upside down muffin top. that gold things alittle tight dont’cha think?

  5. YEs

    What miracle alloy is that belt made of?

  6. noone

    Drugs. Drugs are the only explanation why she would think that is attractive.

  7. spartacus


  8. Looks like Kanye missed the hole again.

  9. you could fit three supermodels and their year’s supply of coke in the vast white ocean between her belt and snatch

  10. Shelby

    For some reason I feel like if she IS on drugs, then that would give her a few points in my book ;)

  11. jane

    and divine she is..

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