1. Toe Jam

    I can’t beat the main caption, other than….Mooooo!

  2. Lcubed61

    Cattle all over the world are crying “the Inhumanity of it all”

  3. Little Tongue

    3 layers of cow skin. Troubling,

  4. excuse me, but do you have any grey poupon?

  5. Alexxx3488

    140 pounds of pure, American non-horse meat.

  6. Iraq vet.

    what a T A N K!

  7. some black guy

    Wow. remember that time I said “I wonder what Andre the Giant would look like in drag but we will never get to see it”? Ive seen it now.

  8. Dr.Shivo

    Tacky / slutty / Narcissist wears shape-wear hoping not to get stretch marks while stifling her child.

  9. That body is never coming back as what it once was.,Kayne will dump her within 18 months..

    • anonymous

      She was pretty fat ass before she was pregnant. She’ll just hire photoshop users with better skills.

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