1. Hugh G. Rection

    If that skirt had pockets, it would be a pool table.

  2. P. Kerr

    Spanx fail.

  3. omg
    elephantman ass.

  4. anonymous

    Her ass even as an ass of it’s own.

  5. Dox

    From the book of Asspocolypse:

    “And lo, verily I say unto all of you. ‘Ware the brobdingnagian ass, for it’s appearance heralds the end of times. Ware the birth of the innocent to the megalithic narcissist’s, for this shall constitute the breaking of the final seal.

    Then ye shall know weeping, and suffering. as prophesized. For then, shall the Destroyer of Worlds finally be loosed pon unsuspecting man.

    For it is Death. And cellulite follows with it.”

  6. donkeylicks

    It kind of looks how a male hamster’s rear end looks. Seriously, check it out.

  7. Joy

    I don’t understand what’s going on there.

  8. Joy

    It looks like there’s a butt on her butt.

  9. Yup

    Id lick her butthole so nicely.

  10. Capn Obvious

    If there is a God, a meteor will wipe out that entire family.

  11. Ginger Fail

    80′s metal hair, check, child’s t-shirt, check, lycra skirt, check and hooker heels, check. It’s the perfect outfit for the day!

  12. Just this once

    Someone should lance that.

  13. BrieBelle00

    Looks like she’s wearing one of those butt-pad spanx… but, as usual, in about 3 sizes too small.

  14. Pepper's Pot

    who thumbed down every single one of the posts? Kim, Kris, Kanye, is that you?? seriously at least dont be so obvious…

  15. daddypop

    she is her own butt double

  16. mel

    god almighty… she is clearly walking around with a massive load of dung in her undies. the stink that is created whenever she bends over and that monstrous crack begins to slightly part must be utterly repugnant. kim kardashian = the vile fragrance of warm poop. absolutely disgusting.

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