1. Hugh Gentry

    i just got a boner

  2. Kock Goesinya

    she’s so beautiful!

  3. manboob

    shes a big hairless CAT

  4. someone should loan her a dictionary so she can look up the meaning of the word “entirely”.

    having seen her sex tape, she’s definitely not hairless.

    although she DOES have one of the prettiest, softest, chubbiest pussies I’ve ever seen…

  5. Trey Whizzlenutt

    Not so much hairless as she has a team beating back the hairyness. Still, this fact makes her about 60 percent more tolerable.

  6. Obvious

    not a big fan of a hairless pussy


    ummm… so does she wear a wig??? eyebrow prostheses? I ask because i clearly see hair… photoshop? can Daisy weigh in on this? can i stop (mis)using the question mark?

  8. Daisy

    FAKE!!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!!1
    this picture is all SHOPPED!

    This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never BAck Down where MAx was sitting in a chair in an empty room, and the voice ame in claiming he was number 6. When Max asked who the voice was, he said that would be telling.

    Max told the voice – I’m not a number I’m a free man.

  9. Eagle3

    Okay, I’ve read all of the e-mails and really don’t have an opinion on most of what I’ve seen thus far. All I know is that I find her very, very attractive, and that shall remain my opinion. There’s just something about her that I find cute and endearing, no matter what some of the haters say about her. For whatever reason I tend to believe that she’d actually be nice, and genuine in the process. I give her a thumbs up!

  10. TheCaptain

    How long has Daisy been on this site?
    Good to see you are still all about the never back down….
    Kim is pretty hot! I’d tap that

  11. KindOfBlue

    I’m getting Scarlett Johansson vibes from that first pic. Scary.

  12. Tasha

    Interesting is that her older sister Kloe is a cute one, her other sister, the one that had a baby, she’s the pretty one and as for Kim, she is the beautiful one. But they are all Unique.

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