1. Deacon Jones

    You know, i wouldnt put it pass these two dipshits to be faking this
    “break up” to get even more press.

  2. vroom vroom.

    jesus, she looks like a mini cooper.

  3. Little Tongue

    It really amazes me to see that her ass is bigger than her 6-7 months pregnant belly. Never seen anything quite like that.

  4. Secretary Judy

    Tank ..her midsection looks like a solid piece of lard or a tank

  5. uh...

    You can just tell how much she fucking LOVES the paparrazzi. It’s blatantly obvious. She tries to hard to keep a straight face while she tosses her hair behind her head and pouts her botoxed lips but half the photographs end up displaying her scary, satisfied smile. It’s truly worse than a horror movie. Makes my fucking skin crawl.

  6. Is it possible that these two could look even more unhappy together than they do in this pictures?

    The sad thing is, another human being is going to be so much collateral damage in this pairing…really sad..

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