1. Which is bigger? Her ass or his head?

  2. He perpetually looks like he just swallowed a turd. Turns out he just impregnated one…

  3. Little Tongue

    Unhappy much, Kanye? Go and cry it out on your mama’s lap. Oupsy! Right! Your mama’s dead! Why is that? Vanity? Ouch!

  4. Devast

    That is the closest her knees have ever been together in the presence of a famous black man

  5. Bubby

    The man is supposed to walk to the left side of the sidewalk to protect the woman. She is looking at him worse than I have ever seen her look at kris humphies. This is not going to last. I am no kim fan but this guy is not her dream fairy tale either.

    • When walking a Kardashian you should always walk them as closest to the street as possible to make pushing them in front of a speeding bus that much easier.

  6. cc

    See that? Her knees are buckling already.

  7. Kanye, why are you back? You already got the milk for free?

  8. brent

    Nice to see he pulled her truck around for her.

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