1. Ginger Failed

    Selling crap on ebay? Is that chump-change for their tax bracket? Why bother?

    • Why? Because they are money grubbing, soul less scum.

    • If their time in the spotlight has proven anything it’s that there is no level they won’t stoop to. If you recall, they attached their names and faces to some low-rent, predatory credit cards a couple of years ago for people with awful credit. The terms were so bad that the government intervened and the Kardashians claimed they didn’t know what they were attaching themselves to and that they had been lied to.

      If you believed then that Kris Jenner didn’t know the numbers inside and out, so she could wring every possible dollar out of every deal they enter into, then they deserve your money. You were just gonna blow your government check on pills and cigarettes anyway.

  2. mark

    Kim and her family are freaks and Kanye can’t take a photo without bugging out his eyes and looking like a douche. Good riddance.

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