1. Nothing says “devout christian” like two divorces, hardcore porn, posing nude as often as checks can be written, and living your entire life in front of TV cameras without ever once mentioning Jesus. She’s only a stint in the Hitler Youth and raping a young boy away from being Pope!

  2. Cooler than you

    Mmm, look at those tits. I would let her suck my big cock and then I would shoot my load of sweet juice all over her face. Then when I figured out that she is just a d-bag I would then not call her anymore.

    90% of the hot women I’ve dated have a personality like her. What is this world coming to. Good to fuck, however not hot enough to stick around and put up with there bullshit for.

  3. spartacus

    Let’s not lie, we would all consider ploughing this. I’d live to piss on her face just to… err….. oh yeah, she’s done before. Well, then I’d…. aww…no she’s done that too…

  4. Della

    Lovely picture Kim. Men, huh! They ARE the root of ALL Evil! Love and peace to the world and to all the haters!

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