1. Derek

    If the Cowboys win the Super Bowl this year, the asses and thighs of the Kardashian sisters should be tested for performance enhancing drugs.

    Except for Kourtney – she picked a loser for a baby daddy.

  2. Audrey Jo

    Incredible how all her boyfriends look stupid.

  3. Des

    He never kisses or holds her hand in the pics. She grabbed his arm in some pics. Maybe he just wants the sex because it seems no guy wants to marry her and her ex hubby dumped her because she cheated on him and he paid for her boob job and lipo. She looks uncomfortable in those 5 inch heels and girdle. I bet all she wants to do is take her shoes off and girdle and put on stretch pants with a loose top and no girdle. I’m amsued everytime I see this reality star chubby chick. Too bad she has no talent or into worthy charities.

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