1. Snooki's Taint

    Delivery from a Paris Hilton, Ms. Kardashian. The note says “Enjoy the Peruvian ass-shrinking powder’

  2. You're in

    I like how that bitch there looks she just saw the fucking world trade center towers collapse.

  3. Xxoo

    As she was led away by her handlers, Kim was forced to fight off a frenzied Lindsay Lohan, who had mistook the flour for coke..

  4. CK

    I want to photo-bomb myself into this pic!

  5. karlito

    actually it was thrown on her because that’s how you find the vagina on a fat girl…you throw flour on them and look for the wet spot.

  6. momostyle

    (girl in the back)
    *oops* My secret stash of powdered sugar donuts just blew up!

  7. momostyle

    Fat girl: «Her fat ass + flour = looks soooo much like a powdered sugar donut…. OMG !»

  8. Skandashians Blow Chunks

    That’s what you get for pissing on blacks.

  9. Tom

    This isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has been pasted with a white substance.

  10. Within seconds, Lindsay Lohan was charged with a second assault on Kim for aggressively trying to snort her.

  11. Havin her havin me

    Not only does she have a dandruff problem but apparently she smells terrible.

  12. KimK-Hater

    Fucking Awesome, too bad it wasn’t a damn hand-grenade!

    Fuck You Kim you waste of air, I can’t wait for you to meet Whitney in her present location you useless CUNT!

  13. Mmmmgood

    She probably paid the bitch to do that. We havent heard from her in the news for like a week. boycott kimmmm

  14. turd da third

    If that was lohan it would have been cocaine and not flour

  15. squige

    hey kim k hater your mother dresses you funny

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