1. Kim clearly asked which was her best look…and the answer was “blurry”.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    So she figured out how to use Photoshop on Instagram? I true pioneer, this one.

  3. Nice backstrap, bitch! Buffalo Bill would have loved some quality time with her in his well…

  4. Styles Bitchley

    You just know Kanye is going to split in 5 years when her body is a complete sagging mess.

  5. kk wen you going to drop the ball and hae mscarriage. Witch you already have pobably planned. Why is it you just cant keep a man bbbiiiiiiiittttttttcccccchhhhhhh

  6. ivy29

    Bitch you are the moron. Get a life, you got fameous off of nothing. you is nothing but a hollywood hoe. they just want to bone u not date u. kanye west got u knock up because you’re property!!!!!! I hope kris humphries get you exactly what u deserve STUPID BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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