1. spartacus

    Do we think this dress is all about the tits? naaah, I think it’s tasteful, not at all whoreish.

  2. Misana

    Did she get her implants re-done? I know you gotta change them every 10 years or so. they’re looking extra implanty in these pics.

  3. michelle st.pierre

    Are u freak’in kidding me ?Are there any brains left in there or is it money,money and me!!!!!Grab some class lady the world doesn’t revolve around only YOU !!! There was an extremely talented woman who has just passed away and your out there with your boobs hanging out so the world would focus back on you instead of our dear departed Whitney Houston.No class at all and I think it’s pretty sad too!!! Grow the f*ck up and try and think of others more than yourself for once.There’s so much pain for her family,friends and fans that no matter how much titties you put out there we won’t be thinking of you!!!!!

  4. BAHAH

    Dear Lord, give us back Whitney and take back this little plump tramp.

  5. Della

    Whitney may have been talented, but she let it all go to waste. The drugs and alcohol were more important to her than even her own daughter. Quit hatin’ on Kim. Not her fault that Whitney was still livin’ like a diva and spending her loot on cocaine and alcohol. At least Kim isn’t doing none of that crap!

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