1. jake

    u can see her underwear line

  2. what a coincidence, I don’t like her much either.

  3. waldo

    How awkward is this, that outfit is revealing way too much horrible famewhore around the hips.

  4. cumqwat

    In 10 years, this woman will be soooooooooo ugly and out of shape she’ll make the cat lady look like a beauty queen!!

  5. KK-Hater

    Maybe the dumb fucking CUNT wasn’t invited… oh wait, that’s never stopped the useless BITCH before. Oh well FUCK HER and her whole family, I’m tired of all their SHIT!!

  6. America trasheap

    They are both ugly and useless sleazewhores. Joe Francis is their doppelganger. Same nose job too. Horrible ,gross looking porn trash faces.

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