1. The Royal Penis

    Um, yea…cause when the nipples are painted it’s much more modest and you don’t have to cover them.

  2. Kendra has to think of a costume…can’t come up with anything that doesn’t involve being naked. At least she knows where her talents lie.

  3. Why even bother to cover your nipples, Kendra? We seen your goods many, many times.

  4. Cock Dr

    I’m sure she was handsomely compensated for her time here.
    Much better to be a stripper than a whore.

  5. hairless ape

    Dammit Wahlberg.. you’re everywhere!!!…

  6. Paint that dogs face. Wooof!

  7. Kc

    Ew why do we have to watch the same 30 sec ad every time we want to see pics? I’m done here.

  8. Timothy

    Well, she is used to being airbrushed.

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