1. Splat

    She has a rocking body for sure, but she’s one of those chicks where as soon as she starts talking she loses all of her attractiveness. There’s cute dumb blonde, and then there’s annoying laughs-like-a-horse dumb blonde, and she’s definitely the latter.

    • it had to be said

      Well, I have this strange thing where I like a woman to have a waist smaller than her hips, and Kendra . . . not so much. So, yeah. Put some clothes on, whore.

  2. jimmy

    Go Kendra, Go Kendra, your with Hank now!!!
    Looking like a Pro…

  3. JoJo

    She’s got a mound you could pitch off of.

  4. shelby

    she looks so good!

  5. Dingo

    Yeah, high heels are great for swimming

  6. That is SO not a suit to wear when you have a torso shaped like SpongeBob, even if boobs have been added on.

  7. Duck86

    white = virgin. :D

  8. hehe

    what’s this location? Every douche bag with staged, self paid, photo ops has had their picture taken standing in that same spot or within 10 feet of here.

    • hollyhood

      its the vegas mgm – the pool there is packed every weekend in the summer by douchebags and vapid trashy women.

  9. So, she’s wearing a jill, right? Right?
    Hello? Hello?

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