1. lalala

    what is this… I don’t even..

    • Blech

      She has hips but no waist definition. She can do twists to get a more defined shape. And flab– lots of flab. Needs to walk more.

  2. blonde

    Will Ke$ha stop singing about alcohol, sex, and ripped-up pantyhose now that we know she really looks like this?

  3. Soupofdefish

    Its a remake of Ten…

  4. Why do we let Kirstie Ally wear swim suits?

  5. Negger

    Oh baby I’d still hit that like the fist of an angry god!!!

  6. OMG

    I swear she wears ugly clothes on purpose…she doesn’t have the most flattering figure, but wearing her grandma’s bikini does not help the situation…

  7. cc

    From the back she looks like a sheet of plywood. From the front like an orangutan. From the side like a blonde buddha that let himself go.

  8. angerinside

    …something not even a great white would eat

  9. bort

    I wasnt aware that Spongebob Squarepants wore bikinis.

    • heh

      I was trying to figure out what her body shape was, and that about sums it up.

    • LOL

      LOL!!!! i was just seeing her pics on google and decided to google kesha spongbob square pants…..!!! lol lol and here i find someone thought the same thing ha ha ha ha haven’t laughed like this in a while ha ha ha !!!!

  10. CptCreep

    At least now we know what really caused that Tsunami…

  11. tomahawk

    is it humanly possible to get that fat in three months? she looked about 60 pounds lighter in those other sleezkini photos.

  12. When did Gary Busey grow his hair out?

  13. Zieg Heil Mein Natmen


  14. RebelMinion

    Holy crap… they make grandma style bikinis?!?!

  15. MattManala

    What in the name of all that is holy is THAT?!

  16. Char

    I can’t look at this picture without seeing that weird British guy from the Jefferson’s. You know, but uglier.

  17. fartbucket

    why is PETA not actively demonstrating for the safe return of this beached walrus?

  18. cc

    maybe she started taking testosterone to look more like p. diddy in the mornings?

  19. cc

    or to fit in more w/ the tranny crowd?

  20. cockroach

    holy fuck she got FAT! , wasnt she hot like 1 year ago or so?. what an idiot

    • ethereal

      she’s not fat. she just has an unfortunate body shape. no waist, no hips, big bust, skinny legs. she is toned. but there is just absolutely nothing you can do with this type of body… probably best for her ‘hip’ image not to be photographed in swim wear. Don’t these celebs have PR people? I would never allow my client to be photographed in this way.

      • Jovy

        She is toned? Are you fucking high? There is nothing toned or slim about a piece of white construction paper, and there is nothing toned or slim about this abomination.

  21. Anon

    I’m just looking forward to the next generic women’s magazine that tells women the best fashion tips for accentuating their cheese-shaped bodies.

  22. Double D

    Sequoia torso

  23. The Invincible Ratchet

    Kesha has, on occasion, declined to comment on whether she is gay or straight. She’s clearly straight. As hell.

  24. Amy

    I hate you Fish. Really really hate you.

  25. thecoriander

    What? I thought Tiny Tim died years ago.

  26. toopier

    It’s the UnderToad.

  27. Lorien

    Unfortunate body type. I have a similar one, only less boobage. Just gotta fight the good fight…squats, stairmaster, core excercises and no carbs…..and for theloveofmuffins, no granny swimwear.

  28. JJ

    I wasn’t aware that Spongebob Square Pants wore bikinis.

    • JJ

      Sorry, that exact comment was said like 6 times, I should read others comments before attempting my own…my bad

  29. Exaactly


  30. Codot

    Looking at Ke$ha is like staring into the eyes of a child, and then beating it for being so ugly.

  31. Vice Magnet

    She looks like she’s missing a few chrome’s.

  32. kodachrome

    Did she just shart out a kid or what. I thought all humans had the same basic anatomy.

  33. Kate

    John Travolta got a new wig!

  34. Like Whoa

    Oh my god! I think that is the worst body I’ve ever seen! How is she famous, doesn’t it usually takes 90% hotness and 10% talent to get there? No hips, no waist, no butt, weird boobs, oddly wide body and a stomach that looks like she’s carried six children? Plus the most unflattering swimsuit ever! I seriously feel bad for her, that’s a tough body to work with.

  35. KoMoDo

    Have you ever been to a beach and smelled garbage in the air. That’s the first thing I thought of seeing these pictures.

  36. Tsunami aftermath.

  37. Vegan

    Go vegan – cholesterol is only in animals, animal milk and eggs
    Excersise to reduce vicseral fat
    i dont put weight on my tummy or waist for these reasons

    • Krtecek

      I’m not a vegan, but I once stopped eating animal products, and I’ve actually lost a lot of weight and acquired a pretty nice figure though that.

  38. Fuzzy

    Jeez man, did she go back to college…. twice?
    Talk about putting on 30lbs :S

  39. BlackMetalChocobo

    Seriously not making this up, my internet went down for about ten minutes after seeing this.

  40. um

    when did Gary Busey get a sex change?

  41. Superficial?

    Not because she is famous she is supposed to have a great body…she is enjoying the beach…for that its not imperative to be skinny or tonned…right?
    your comments really make me laugh…you “americans” (USA) are sush idiots…

  42. Deina

    I don’t think looks should matter… unless you’ve managed to make a career out of them. In which case, um, Kesha should be out of work.

  43. JJ

    My eyes!!! My poor, poor eyes!!!

  44. Lanz


  45. CranAppleSnapple

    Oh god, I think I pulled all my stomach muscles laughing. You guys are hilarious! And thanks Kesha, because now I won’t need to do crunches today.

  46. Irina

    She should be proud that despite all her shortcomings she was able to become successful. She’s not ugly, she just has a certain body type and wears unflattering clothing. She seems healthy, happy and like she doesn’t give a flying fuck what you unicellular brain dead fucks think. As she should. Go look as Kim Kardashian nasty cottage cheese ass. Nobody cares what you think. It’s whatever. Peace.

  47. Chris

    Who is the dinosaur now Kesha?

  48. Frank

    ew…ew…(looks away)….(looks back)….EWWW!!!!

  49. Bettina

    HOLY SHIT! are you kidding me??????? now stop talking your BLAAHH BLAHH BLAAHHH and take some YOUR LOVE IS A DRUG then swing your TIKTOK so you could TAKE IT OFF nice?

  50. Jack

    Good God, she’s shaped like the barrel chested Superman of the forties……wtf…..

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