1. Anon

    She looks extremely constipated here.

  2. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Goddamn you Fish! Goddamn you!!!

  3. holymoly

    Dear Kesha: If you must wear a bathing suit, there is something called a burkatini. I believe it is best suited to your body type.

  4. sassafrass

    And now we know the real reason for the tsunami in Japan.

  5. Tim

    You know who she looks like in these photos? Danny Devito’s “The Penguin” from Batman 2.

  6. she kinda looks like a bludgeoned seal trying to fight its way out of its own skin

  7. jonny

    what happened to her ?? was she always this deformed ?

  8. gigi

    omg I didn’t realize there were so many shots of her! the thumbnails are hilarious… running, jumping, prancing, frolicking, covering her boobs…. it’s just so sad lol

  9. dogatha

    guys easy up, she just having some ol’ fun splish splash I’m on take a bath on dat ass

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