1. Michael Believer08

    This bathing suit prevented my attempts to assassinate that vagina once and for all… But it will be mine… Oh yes, it will be.

  2. Knippy

    How did you manage to get a pictures of my grandma at the beach? It’s really mean of you to photoshop a goblin head onto her body, people have feelings you know.

  3. Lynz


    Is she fat or is her body just like that? Who picks out a bathing suit like that? Is she like 70? WHY IS SHE FAMOUS

    • yah feckin douch

      she’s famous for her music because you know she is an artist and people enjoy listening to her music
      has she ever called herself a pornstar, model, etc…?

  4. Snickers

    She’s square-shaped?

  5. Anonny

    She is like the weirdest shape ever. That’s not even a figure. Just a blob of playdoh…

  6. Turns out brushing your teeth with Jack isn’t such a great plan after all.

  7. Cock Dr

    I wonder if John Mayer would fuck her. Could we set a trap & find out?

  8. Is it me or does this look like Abe Vigoda in Drag?

  9. KC

    Please bring back the much sexier torso of Tracy Morgan.

  10. meg

    I don’t think she’s fat…??? It’s just that the granny panties she’s wearing cuts her torso in half. Someone give this girl a one-piece swimsuit.

    • Cock Dr

      She’s not fat.
      She is wide & square & flat assed. No swimsuit in the world can alleviate these issues.

  11. The O

    Spongebob Squarepants apparently has a sister. Who knew?

  12. LRonHoover

    I can hear the pain of all the seagulls puking up their fish

  13. Mashara

    Where did my feet go?

  14. slappy magoo

    ahoy, the great white fail.

  15. friendlyfires

    Ladies and Gentleman … it’s Liquid Barrel !

  16. Mrs. Nick Jonas

    If she does lose the weight, it wouldn’t hurt her to try some corset training. Nothing extreme or dangerous, just enough to create some curves.

  17. i know it’s just me but i’m pretty sure that if Spongebob Squarepants were to materialize as a “human lady (?)”, he/she would look like her/him.

  18. Suud

    Depends makes swimwear now?

  19. Charmless Man

    She has the body of your childhood friend’s mom who you thought was hot until you went to the beach and she wore a bikini. You knew something was wrong, but you were too young to express it.

  20. Candyblossombabe

    I think I am going to get a life-size cardboard cut out of this picture and take it to the beach with me. Then I can say, “At least I look better than this bitch!”

  21. Bereccah

    These pictures give me diarrhea. Wonder if there is a way to bottle that poison…

  22. Lanz


  23. Kirk vanden Penis

    Next to her, Snooki is a goddess

  24. SamAttack

    I don’t understand…

  25. Selina

    HOW is she so WIDE??

    • Indhira

      i know right?? like i didnt know she had that body cuz obviously she looks better when she is dressed … i didnt know what was behind that clothes until i saw this and it really amazed me !!

  26. craig

    I predict that in 25 years this photo will be exposed as a hoax. Clearly it’s just a man in a gorilla suit.

  27. Indhira

    her body looks like this cuz she was once obese and she lost like 50 pounds but not in a good way at ALL cuz u can see all her horrible flaccid flesh , she is a celebrity and if i had that body and if i were rich i would go into surgery INDEED!! i mean why havent she done that,?? she looks horrible like that!

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