1. Pleeeeeeeeease hold those in!

  2. Jill

    I don’t think her hands are big enough to cover up the parts I don’t want to see.

  3. Knippy

    It’s like gravity is stronger on her, it’s just pulling all her skin down. I’ve never seen someone’s entire body look so droopy. Are those sex bruises on her thighs?

    Does anyone else taste vomit?

  4. holymoly

    the face of john travolta and the body of a 50 year old memaw is a killer combo. why does she always look unwashed, even in the middle of millions of gallons of water. i think her dirt layer is waterproof

  5. Ho.Lee.Shit

    Goddamn you Fish! Goddamn YOU!

  6. chuck

    I don’t understand. Is this genetic or can excessive partying really do this to a 20-something woman’s body?

  7. Jack

    That is defenetly not Ke$ha! Just some money hungry fat biatch!

  8. Richard Narllian

    Is this what the blood rush to your head will do to you?
    Do not ever stand on your head and ,eventially yoou will either go crazy-or pop.
    EVERY kiwi that I have known in the ‘Biblical sense’ was a friggin’ nut job.
    And,yes,you can see why Nickole Kiddman married the lil’kid man.T.Cruise.

  9. steponme


  10. Frances

    I understand that her body isn’t the best. Probably from drinking so much. But she’s always gonna be hot to me. (:

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