1. Cock Dr

    More proof that the blogger hates us and wants to burn out our eyeballs.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    How is she not pregnant with this hot, straight guys around her?

  3. blonde

    Oh shit, the guy to the right’s brain is melting. WHY ISN’T ANYONE HELPING?!

  4. YagiSka

    How much would it suck to be one of those dudes? Or pretty much anybody at that concert, really?

  5. spartacus

    14:56….. 14:57…. 14:58……

  6. castallare

    This should be included in every elementary school’s anti-drug curriculum.

  7. gigi

    and that get-up isn’t fooling anybody – we know she’s a straight up rectangle under all that camouflage

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