1. Tony LaRue

    6.5 out of 10

  2. Bane

    Is it just me, or does her back look like her front?

  3. Jack London's sober moment

    great, now when I look at her rack i’ll think of this ass.

  4. Vladmir

    She has one of those If-This-Was-1952 figures…not unlike Scarlet Johansson. If it was 1952, they’d both be the hottest things around.

    • BigOkie

      Yeah, something like that. She has a great rack, a somewhat pretty face but I just can’t bring myself to say that she has a hot body. She’s not fat but I just am not excited about seeing her naked and stuff.

    • Mandy

      I agree that they have bodies that were popular in the 50′s, but I think that’s what makes them gorgeous. They aren’t fat but they aren’t stick thin either – the curves are in the right places (boobs, butt, hips). I would kill for Scarlett’s body.

  5. Boo

    nice bum bum

  6. lawn

    Sure don’t need the zoom function on this one.

  7. Matt Lauer

    DAMN those bikini tags!

  8. amy

    you men on here are fucking stupid(u wonder why all girls know how to talk about is how fat they look)…..i’d tap that ass and i’m a woman!

    • That is an incorrect assumption on your behalf, Amy. We do not wonder why women constantly focus on their weight at all, it is quite obvious to us that most women are OVERWEIGHT. Which is EXACTLY why they focus on their shitty bodies. Sure, the media shoves anorexia up your asses with horribly thin models on billboards and magazines… But the fact of the matter is most of you are just plain lazy. It’s a god damned shame.

      • Hey, Dereck Bryce Nation…are you fucking pregnant or something? What’s with this “WE” stuff? I agree with Amy. Katy Perry is a doll, and that includes that nice, round, pretty white butt — much prettier than I would have imagined.

        And I, personally, don’t think women are lazy. I do, however, think you’re full of shit. Or perhaps just very young! So do me a favor…don’t speak on my behalf.

      • amy

        You rock vitobonespur!! all these limp dicks taking shit about her could probably never get a girl as hot as katy

      • Fuck Dereck

        And I’m sure your body is perfection. You should bend over backwards in front of a mirror, notice how many ripples and pimples are on your fat ass, and re-submit your comment, Mr. Perfect.

      • John

        Most women in “AMERICA” are fat ass lazy bitch’s. Its a fact, or why else would they be MORBIDLY obese not “Fat”.
        He never claimed he was perfect… that being said I am sure he is young like myself. Thus why he isn’t blind to reality like yourself.

      • lily

        While I dont think Katy Perry is overweight I agree with Derek. I am in shape female who gets hated on for being slim (5’4″ 110 lbs) and called anorexic by fat chicks on a daily basis. Its ok for all those fat cunts to tell me to eat more, but if I dare tell them to stop shoving their fat faces, all hell breaks loose. In this fat american society in which we live, its a shock to find a fit woman (or man for that matter…the majority of you guys are fat slobs too)

      • amy

        katy perry had a healthy body. when people are demoralized for being healthy that is fucked up..if she were obese making fucked up comments would be one thing be katy healthy!

      • amy

        lily i wouldnt be so quick to judge all those fat cunts who tell you u to eat something….you use them to feel better about yourself. so you can sit there and say look how much better I am than them .If you didnt need them to feel better about yourself you wouldnt give a shit what they said about you.

      • Blech

        I think you get hated on for being Countess Douche.

        But maybe that’s just me.

        (BTW, I’m taller.)

      • LookItUp

        Dear lily,

        5’4″ and 110 lbs is perfectly within the normal range of height to weight ratios for women. Get over yourself! You’re average, definitely NOT skinny.

      • nomad

        You’re right, LookItUp. A height of 5 feet 4 inches gives lily a BMI of 18.9. This puts her in the normal weight range – which is between 18.5 and 25. The problem is – only one third of all women fall into this category (36.5% to be exact). On the flip side – almost two thirds of all women are either overweight or obese (64.1% to be exact). So… she is, in fact, far from average. If there are two fat girls for every skinny girl, then the skinny girls are definitely the exception and not the rule. Go back to being lazy and complaining when someone points out how fat and worthless you and your fellow pigs really are.

  9. Ralph Wiggins

    Looks like an open invitation !

  10. j.j

    she doesnt have a great butt,lol kinda flat and saggy

  11. j.j

    Only the fatties of the world willbitch about a woman being too skinny and call her anorexic…some women are just naturally skinny but NO woman is naturally \FAT…fat comes from laziness and bad eating habits no physical activity in their lives.

  12. Bringbackbabalu

    Whats wrong with it? I think her ass looks great. Its not big or curvy but it looks smooth and tight and blemish free!

  13. @ShitJRoganSays

    San Dimas High School Football RULES

  14. JustRon

    Unbeliviable the Majority of you commenting say she is overweight are out of your freakin minds she has a beautiful body and i would be honored to even be with here.she has that perfect Fifties pinup look that has driven men crazy .

    • John

      I would crawl over a thousand miles of broken glass to be with her.
      Who cares if everyone else can’t see it, increase odds of landing a woman with a similar build. :)

  15. Fiercedad

    I was there yesterday and was checking her out as she was getting on the ride Thunder Rapids right before me and my friends, only I didn’t realize it was actually her. I said to my friends “That chick is catching my eye. She’s hot. A little older, but hot. She looks just like Katy Perry”. They said “kind of”. I think her butt looks wonderful in these pictures

  16. Fiercedad

    p.s. I Can’t believe she was there. That place was horrible, a total nightmare. Never go if you’re 10 years old or older. A cesspool of tiny minions. Hour long lines for minute long rides. No storage lockers available. What was she doing there? It was my first time and i highly doubt i will ever go back!

  17. I’d leave a hand print on itXD

  18. AC

    I like the butt, but if you look closely there is a tiny bit of a nip slip too

  19. ps3fanatic

    its to bad the front of her bikini didn’t slip
    but i like the butt!

  20. I’d like to wear that ass as a hat.

  21. PMasters

    She has a great body. She seem sexy from my view point.

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