1. miDnIghtEr20C

    Haven’t seen that much white meat since Thanksgiving.

  2. Jack London's sober moment

    well done, miD

  3. The Pope

    Judging by the eye-full that the lifeguard got, I bet the waters weren’t the only thing raging.

  4. dude

    well at least she has a nice butt

  5. Mazen

    “It needs tanning lotion she should get some” Lmfaoo compliments of ma bestie Princess Emily :D

  6. some syrope with those pancakes please!

  7. Zuul

    At last, a solid, meaty, proper ASS and not a bony pancake.

  8. lucky focker!


    by next week he’ll be blind

  9. Nancy

    She alwas looks great, how may people can pull hat off and still look great.

  10. If i had been that Lifeguard my hand would have been on her meaty Ass with a finger in crack..Would have made for a good sniff and taste.

  11. Throb the Wonder Mule

    As long as she was clean of any diseases gotten from what’s his name the limey comedian, I want to ram my face into that pale pasty fleshy ass.

  12. I must say Katy Perry have a very pretty butt rock on

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