1. Dan

    this makes me so fucking happy haha finally!

  2. Flint Nine

    She definitely needs a pearl necklace!!!

  3. Dan

    her tits are no way that big. Shame on you for getting my hopes up with your gullibility.
    I trust Katy’s boobs look a lot better than that.

  4. Lindsey

    This is some computer geeks girlfriend that happens to have huge boobs & then he photo shopped Katy’s head on the body cause I’m pretty sure that that bedspread has HUMPBACK FUCKING WHALES on it or some kind of sea life.

  5. yowillie

    She really needs a pearl necklace.

  6. I would like to thank Jesus. This is a monumental moment. Historic. Tits like this should be on the dollar bill.

    I’m going to cry. Seriously.


  7. not you

    Faker then fake

  8. Kids — the tattoo could have come after this photo was taken. And blue eyes can look green in some light and vice versa.

    And to all those who say it looks “Photoshopped,” HOW? WHAT is altered exactly?

    Looks like Katy Perry to me.

  9. Definitely photoshopped. Her boobs are not that big. Those ones are huge.

  10. waitingforcodot

    Oh my God, I love you people.

    Not only has it been officially declared a fake by the writer, there are proof pictures in the comments section. Please read the comments before mouthing off.

    It’s a fake, we already know — It was said in the main article. Don’t just read the title and click the picture. Please, please try to think before typing.

  11. I bet in Braille a blind guy feeling those, it would translate to “Yummay”..

  12. Pretty good job though, spank it!!

  13. cmyk

    Lighting is all wrong on the face. Coloring is all wrong on the face. It’s sad. I had a boner for 0.23 seconds.

  14. shankyouverymuch

    COMPLETE photo-shop action … but a really well done job, definitely worth a spank or 2!

  15. Puh-leaaaase

    Christ people, Do I need to photoshop someone elses’s head on here to prove they’re pseudo?

  16. luis miguel salvador


  17. EatCake

    1. Well if those aren’t Katy Perry’s then who do they belong to because they are some gorgeous boobies.

    2. Why did they waste this pic on a photoshopped Katy Perry and NOT SEND IT IN TO THE BANNER GIRL CONTEST!?!?!?!

  18. that I take the red star????

  19. Harrybigggy


  20. I’m not Daisy and I know “the” day will never arrive when we’ll all see those puppies loose… but yeah, the shadows are all wrong…

  21. So

    unban me

  22. Sooth Sayer

    Sorry darlings, it’s a photoshop. Here is the original of her face they used:×150.jpg

    I, for one, am relieved, as I always suspected that Katy’s nipples were much tastier than those silver dollar pancakes.

  23. Fuckit

    Looks good enough for me to punish my PP with!

  24. yayo

    this is like when an adult put a head in a baby baby carriage just for

  25. Mike Iksard

    holy hard on Fapman!

  26. Fas(c)h(ion)ist(a)

    Whoever’s tits they are, nice around-the-nipple implant scars, ‘ho.


    I had sex with Katy Perry when we were in high school and those are not her tits.
    This photo is fake.

  28. asdfasdfasadsf

    i would lick YOUR cum off those tits


    I retract my last comment. I’m actually just very lonely. Anyone wanna collab on devart?

  30. Beetlejuice

    Uh, it’s not really topless IF THERE ARE NO NIPPLES SHOWING. Fucking a…quit the click baiting. Don’t EVER SAY SHE’S TOPLESS UNTIL SHE SHOWS CLEAR NIPS.

    • waitingforcodot

      Read the goddamn article! He had to take down the original pictures that were posted (which were photoshopped anyway) because Perry’s people didn’t want them up.

      Jesus H. Christ, it’s like talking to a brick wall. A retarded brick wall.

      There WERE nipples, they weren’t actually hers, but they WERE there, and ease off the caps key, Kanye.

  31. long dong silver

    that is ::: NOT ::: NSFW what a bunch of BS!
    what is so NSFW about it?
    absolutely nothing!!!!

  32. Marcella

    They only thing thats NSFW is the skidmarks in your mom’s shitty drawers.

  33. Armando

    I’d bust a nut in her so hard

  34. Ray


  35. Hard 4 Katy

    I’d rather see the inside of her Vagina…

  36. realman

    move your stupid hand, Katy! i wanna see your boobs!

  37. John

    I dont see no nipples here just katy hiding her boobs

  38. shit


  39. reese

    its actually half fake, its a real photo, only the tatoo has been removed and her nipples have been revealed

  40. reese

    actually its real, the tattoo u can’t see is on the other side

  41. Toby Weymiller

    Bone time!

  42. Johnny Sauce Pants

    I’ve been wanking over this pic so much my cock is dry wretching.

  43. burner

    You have all seen what this talentless fug looks like without her cakes and cakes and cakes of make up right?

  44. Anonymous

    I dont care if it’s real or fake, i’d still tap that.

  45. You mean 1.2 inch dick. Get it right.

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