1. sfm

    Awesome breast but that dress is ugly.

  2. cc

    Those are so nice I temporarily forget about her being talentless and dumb,.

  3. Her only two redeeming qualities.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I would treat those things like Chris Farley treated his imaginary kitten in Tommy Boy.

  5. yay! her girls are back!!!!!

  6. ash

    her hair is awful.

  7. You can SEE the implant outline, people, come on now.

    • Amilu

      They’re almost impossibly perfect,sure, but I see no implant outline.

      • Look closely to the right … it’s there. Yes, it’s an exceptionally good boob job, but you can see a tear-drop outline there. I hate it when these bitches say that they’re real. They’re very hard-looking, too.

  8. Toe Jam

    D-AMN! I take back everything bad I said about her. Seriously though, how is she rocking this without any bulging happening everywhere? Spanx technology is good, but, not this good.

  9. Earl Tubular

    Breasts are mesmerizing, aren’t they? When you think about it, she’s not that hot. She will disappear in about 6 years when those jugs start to sag.

    • Yeah, if you’ve seen that picture of her losing her swimsuit at a waterpark, you know she’s not that hot. That was something that cannot be unseen.

  10. Bill

    If every women looked at that the world would be a happiest place in the galaxy.

  11. rob rankins

    those are some amazing tits

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