1. Pictures! Thanks superficial!

  2. PSY screams at asses and Ellen screams at tits, somewhere out there some one famous is screaming at a vagina

  3. ObvsIsObvs

    Tits McGee, open for business.

  4. Who knew I had so much in common with lesbians? Except I probably get way more restraining orders for doing this kind of thing.

    • Yeah, if this was a dude in the picture you’d never hear the end of what an awful person he was. But if Ellen and Portia do this, it’s somehow funny and cute.

      Not to say Ellen isn’t dude-like. But she’s not really a dude.

  5. Dyke attack!

  6. tlmck

    Wonder what Ellen was thinking about while Portia was muff diving later that night?

  7. Gump

    I bet Ellen had a huge boner right there.

  8. Dick Trickle

    Portia De Rossi looks like a total dyke these days. She used to lipstick it up until she married Ellen’s money.

  9. Scott

    Why must we continue to be swamped with photos of this ugly talentless troll? Fucks sake, she has a head like a smashed crab. Move on already.

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