1. Kate Perry and the Six Flags dancing guy…AWESOME costumes!

  2. Sheppy

    Question is, who’s the dolled-up blonde?

  3. Mike Walker

    Dwight Howard just dropped his pants…


    Daddy’s a douchebag.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  5. Tron

    Micheal Stipe looks like crap.

  6. Looks like Katy Perry’s dad and Jessica Simpson’s dad have something in common. Both of their daughters are skanks.


  7. Isn’t he a preacher. That’s just what people need, a preacher that looks like a skinhead.

  8. Hipster Nazi Grampa trying to change the channel with his phone in a live game…

  9. Lou Braccant

    Fuck, I thought he was wearing one of those ‘old man’ masks, but it…wait…is he?

  10. Honey

    Cool Paul Schafer costume.

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