1. Tummy tuck, check. Breast implants, can’t deny that. Facelift…OMG how could you suggest such a thing! I’m only 36!!!

    Anyone else think “jesus fucking christ, she’s only 36???”

    I’m glad she put those nasty facelift rumors to rest so now she can get back to the important and lucrative work of coupon blogging. Two words I didn’t know could be used together before now.

  2. Billykins

    Look at that dipshit’s picture behind her. “Hey look at me I’m charming and funny, ha ha!”

    Well, fuck you!

  3. But I didn’t have a facelift! I just had 10 other procedures that look like the equivalent of a facelift!

  4. Mike

    they used for publicity, I never heard of this company before they hired her. losers.

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