1. Cardinal Ximenez

    Poof…. that just depleted the spank bank. flat tire

  2. Jillia

    Yea, she used to have an AMAZING ass but it looks like gravity is taking it’s toll. Don’t get me wrong. She is still De-fucking-licious and props to her for looking as great as she does at 38 with kids. I can only hope to be that lucky.

  3. chaz

    biggest myth is that this chick is a hottie.

    Never has been never will be

    • Anonymouse

      Okay, just because you totally blew it on DWTS does not give you the right to be hateful to Queen Kate!

  4. karlito

    go to “star celebs” and scroll to her name in the long list of celebrity women and look at her topless pictures before she became famous in the US.

  5. Ponkur

    That is an ugly flat ass.

  6. Mama Pinkus

    I figured a “goddess” would not have a flat ass

  7. Derek

    She is quite attractive, even if this isn’t the best shot of her.

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