1. Nique

    The Joker says Hello

  2. She clearly needs more tattoos and makeup.

  3. burton

    she obviously hates herself and how she looks, always covering up with the clown makeup and tats…she has major insecurity, and she is with a douche bag cheater…wow, she picked a winner.
    who would want thatthing up her after hes been with all t hose gutter hoe?

  4. w

    she looks like a kabuki woman, save the tattoos. i’d choose sandra bullock over this dumb twat anyday. what’s wrong jesse jame’s eyeball, by the way? his right eye is seriously skewed.

  5. Let Go Ma Eggo

    WTF, is she pregnant or what? One big ass tummy on that chick

  6. deadbarbie

    Y’know, I noticed his eye is messed up in each photo. I strongly believe he’s numbed out on vicoden, oxycontin or some opiate. it does that when mixed with alcohol. not that im saying from experience or nuthin..ah shit.

    ;) get yer eyeball fixed boy! damn thats a bad wig girl!

  7. BunkerBuilder

    Daddy what’s that?

    Well honey, when two played out, media whores with twice as many tattoos as IQ points really love each other and by love I mean need attention…

  8. Bored with life

    Congratulations for sticking your Penis in her Vagina and moving it around until you ejaculate. You da man!

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