1. Obvious

    Much hotter than Heidi

  2. paco

    this tramp is chilli hot!!!

  3. Awkward...

    Looks like someone still has a couple of condoms hanging out of her ass in picture #1. I hate it when that happens!

  4. arzach

    Karissa is worth watching , Loser Barbie is not.
    That sex tape is probably the same as is Karissa makes a sex tape of herself with a plastic doll… hmmm, that could be even more interesting.

  5. Nay

    A few facts

    1. She’s stupid
    2. She’s vulgar
    3. She makes us women feel degraded
    4. She’s sooo damn HOT I could f-ing lick her up and down
    5. Yes, I’m a hypocrit lesbian

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