1. Hugh Gentry

    now that’s a meaty ass you can hold on to and never let go!!!

  2. Ed

    He’s going to have to let go of that meaty ass, and hold on tight to the prison bars when he’s taking a meaty floppy penis up his poop loop

  3. DKK

    This girl is gorgeous!

  4. Oh for Christ's sake

    I didn’t know she was dating a brother. She’s completely ruined now, she’ll never be happy with white meat.

  5. Normal Male

    Did she take her pet monkey out for the day for being such a good monkey while it watched her change her own tire?

  6. Roger

    This girl is pretty.. however I do not think she will ever hear the words.. “and the Academy Award goes to…” because of her tramp stamp and pimp manager with the Louis Vuitton bag.. Gook luck though!

  7. You guys know that she has a sex tape out fucking this exact same guy, right?

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