1. Baginaface

    I seriously don’t even understand what I am seeing here.

  2. MFer

    What. the. fuck.


    This is why she bought BIG AS WEATHER BALLOON fake boobs so nobody would look at her from behind!

  4. BP

    I didn’t know Kris Kardashian Jenner hosted the New Years Rockin Eve Party on ABC! But that sure looks like her cellulite riddled ass………

  5. ThisWillHurt

    JWoww heard you were gaining weight from drinking regular soda, so she stopped by to SELL-YOU-LIGHT! *spins bow-tie* Yowzah!

  6. Mama Pinkus

    those two gals are both disgusting

  7. The Royal Penis

    Someone’s being doing some late night snacking.

  8. richie

    is this real? seriously? if so, nauseating.

  9. teresa

    Its not real. Why would she wear a dress like that if her behind looked like that? If you took 5 seconds to examine that you would realize its photo shopped. And again, they forgot her tattoo on the side view picture.

  10. diffyduck

    this doesnt even look real..stupiddd

  11. GirlNamedJake

    Didja see her re-BUTT-al on the MTV site? Normally I don’t pay attention to this crap, but the girl has a giant tattoo on her right leg that’s been entirely ‘shopped out when they put the cellulite in & removed her drawers!
    Like her or don’t, this was a hack job on her pure & simple.

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