1. They probably thought she was smuggling hams onto the flight in violation of airline snack food rules. Not because of her huge boobs, but because of her salty, meaty odor.

  2. MrsWrong

    A: Conceived in 1985, over valued purchase price, low trade in value, promises to go 100,000 miles without a problem, crappy paint job, repeated facelifts, often modeled with additional accessories, comes with body-colored bumpers, may or may not include spare tire, comfortably holds 5, dumb spelling, can take up to 40 gallons.
    Q: What do JWoww and Hyundai have in common?

  3. Poppa Downer

    Jwoww always looks like she is poppin downer pills. She definitely gained her weight back and possibly more. She has fillers and botox in her grill, looks much older than her age, demi moore looks younger. haha

  4. HerGraciousness

    Is that Trogdor? The tattoo, I mean… not the other scaly beast.

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