1. mulva728

    Shouldn’t be too long now before he shaves his head and attacks an SUV with an umbrella.

  2. Tom

    This little bitch boy needs to get the shit kicked out of him. If there was ever a poster boy for the entitled little pricks of the world, it’s little dick Bieber.

  3. sparky

    This lil bitch vs other lil bitch CBrown. No big bald bodyguards allowed. What happens: (a) fisticuffs, or (b) pants off dance off?

    • Sucker bet – no to “A”, maybe “B”. More likely? “C” – where they just do their respective “tough guy snarl” (see Billy Idol, circa 1983) and circle around, posing like they’ve actually hit another man in anger for about 20 minutes. Then then wave each other off and return to the nearest Orange Julius to stare at each other over a tasty, chilled orange beverage. Respective mom’s tuck them in that evening and read “Goodnight Moon” to their anxious lads.

  4. Is is just me, or does anyone else feel like wearing out three pair o’ kneecaps kicking this kid’s ass?

  5. Question: Is his mommy embarrassed by him yet? Or does she enjoy this cash cow of a boy?

  6. max hole

    he doesn’t look remotely threatening. if that’s his mean angry face… i just.. i dunno. he sucks.

  7. Britt

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  8. BRo

    Shouldn’t it have been “F*** Off Back To Canada EH?!”
    The car seat was still strapped to his behind and the bouncer had to pick the sippy cup off the floor.

  9. Evilgeniusnz

    You know you fail at being a tough guy when you look less scary than ‘grumpy cat’.

  10. 1994 bitches! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  11. johnh

    j-ho,rihanna.beyonce all kartrashians bieber jay z will smith chris bitchbrown flavor-aid,shoot them all!

  12. I’m always reminded of my grandma’s Pomeranian when I see Justin being “restrained” by his bodyguards (who are there to keep his ass from getting kicked, not to stop him from stomping people).

    The Pomeranian used to peer out between my grandma’s ankles and yap and growl at people and other dogs. If the dogs growled or snapped back at the Pom, the little furball would whine and beg for grandma to pick him up.

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