1. Pah!

    Why the fuck is this moron still famous? Still looks like a short haired fourteen year old girl. Still looks like a spoilt dick.

  2. Where's Dildo

    I really wish Miley Cyrus would quit changing her look. It’s just ridiculous.

  3. I’d like to see a collaboration of Justin Beiber, and Die Antwoord. Perfect.

  4. Skippy86

    Every girl who looks at this will instantly have their vagina cleaned.

  5. !^@%#$^

    Anyone look like this with NO bodyguard would last about 15 seconds before receiving a severe beatdown. 24×7 protection is mandatory for this douchebag.

  6. Joe Mahma

    Woah! He’s hardcore like Shoe Labeef!

  7. “Justin Bieber’s Getting Shot Into Space”

    Oh great! Maybe they can leave him there…

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