1. beardedclam


  2. jep

    Bieber “For the last time, I don’t smoke. Stop screaming fag!”

  3. superbeeee

    He does know sagging pants is the prison signal for “bitch,” right? Of course he does. Usher dresses him. Answered my own question.

  4. sc4play

    ASS HAT!!!

  5. Suzan

    He painted fake muscles in his belly. Right?

  6. amir

    Is it physically possible for this guy to stand up straight?

  7. Buffalo Chips

    It’s 40 degrees in London. There is a difference between being just a douche and being a fucking moron… and a douche.

  8. Um, that is about the unsexiest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. That is the anti-aphrodisiac. Why is this creature all hunched over with his pants half off his dumb ass? Oh my God, I can’t get over how ugly this is.

  9. Hey look, Vanilla Ice is making a comeback… oh wait…

    • gigi

      Rob’s actually being legit & fixing up houses…. this is just sad & so embarrassing… can’t even look

  10. blackheartedbastard

    is he bent over like that because his asshole is sore?

    wait, sorry…

    is she bent over like that because her ‘gina is sore?

  11. Kat

    Wow, he looks like he REALLY needs to go to the bathroom.

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