1. Mr. Poop

    Does this kid not have pubes? At 18???

  2. jeffiner

    my 4 year old holds his wee-wee like that too. means he’s got to pee.

  3. Nunya bidnez

    Eat shit and die you lemmings

  4. maeby


  5. Lee

    he shaves you goofs.

  6. Does anybody know how i can un-see this?

    • weewee

      FUCKIN A!!! Just bizarre and disturbing. Who the FUCK does this??? Been on the beach quite a bit, never seen a dude (?) doing this. What a frikkin sociopath.

  7. JMort

    Sick. Now I wish I was dead

  8. Cock Dr

    Is this shot the toxin that made the SW server sick again?
    What’s the matter with the damned thing? It didn’t used to be so delicate.

  9. Joe Blow

    What happened to Pamela Anderson’s rescue board? And her tits?

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