1. ole

    where did katys boobs go?

  2. Dave

    This would be a scandal if it were a 16 year old girl and a 24 year old man.

  3. CptCreep

    Wow, whoever did Ellen’s makeup really got her looking younger!

  4. KC

    Is this a still from her “I Kissed A Girl” video?

  5. GravyLeg

    So confused… Do I make a joke about him being young enough to still breast feed… (Get the rag Russel, he’s spitting up again…) Or do I make a joke about her being a media whore who would stoop to pimping Bieber moments… (I SAID get the rag Russel, he’s spitting up again!!!)

  6. abbey

    he’s cute, and this is pretty funny. its depressing seeing people justify their hate for him, for dumb reasons.. although its understandable if someone hated him cuz katy perry was all ovr his balls

  7. Jazzy

    awwwwww‚ô• Katy Perry has a crush on Just in Beib er! yuck!

  8. Jazzy

    Justin bieber has no balls he has a crotch the size of a fingernail. ;D

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