1. I genuinely mistook him for Chris Brown. RiRi and BiBi?

  2. karlito

    Hi, i’m 18 and so is my IQ.

  3. Sean Riley

    ” Hey Bieb’s”….. adam lamber called & wanted to know if you have plans for dinner”…….

  4. I can’t wait for the new ads to appear on this site: acne cream, hair spray, lip gloss, and Russian rent-a-beard contracts.

  5. CK

    “White men can’t moon…”

    (and he’s not a man, either)

  6. Jimmy Z

    Dang I was expecting a tramp stamp that reads “Scooter’s booty”

  7. Allison Wunderlan

    And here we have Justin’s Bieber’s high school year book picture for Future Plumber’s of America.

  8. BSName

    His manager must have told him that this will improve his “street cred”.

  9. Tor

    He’s Fucking Chris Brown…No really hes FUCKING Chris Brown!

  10. Fuck, that’s nothing. Get Selena to flash some crack and then I’ll be impressed. Preferably the front crack.

  11. Obviously, SELENA GOMEZ can’t satisfy him like his BOY TOYS can…

  12. evilgeniusnz

    He obviously thought the photographer was Usher.

  13. Now that is a poundable ass, said by every pedo and perv on the ‘net.

  14. priscilla

    now you know this is going up on all the gay websites!

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