1. Lord Helmet

    The woman in the background is laughing her ass off.

  2. So Paul Walker dies in a fiery crash but Bieber just gets arrested for DUI? Couldn’t you have switched that around, God?

  3. Pics like this remind me that the teenage years are still something we’re going to have to deal with. God I hope my kid doesn’t turn into a little wiener like this one.

  4. what a total badass.
    wouldnt wanna run into that in a dark alley.

    oh and the beibz looks tots lol.

  5. Phuqueue

    Hey everybody look!!!…. VANILLA ICE finally found his long lost illegitimate daughter!! Ain’t she pretty?

  6. CK

    Please, the elderly woman in the black jacket on a hot Miami day’s got more cred than this douche.

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