1. Jill Ess

    WTF is she wearing!?

    • Cock Dr

      Looks like an asymmetrical cut parka. It would be nice for sledding but I question her decision to wear it to an awards ceremony.

  2. Someone should mention to those wily Germans that “Bambi” is a registered trademark of the Walt Disney Company…but then I guess if a little copyright infringement is the worst things the Germans do in this century, we’re way ahead.

  3. adolf hitler

    yes, she looks rather pope-ish

  4. Meh

    Gayest. Jacket. Ever.

  5. So when its zipped up,it covers your entire head…? I fail to see the coolness of this jacket at all.Rich people will wear anything if you slap a label on it,whilst the designer rubs his hands and thanks god that he doesnt have to throw the “mistakes” in the trash..the snobs buy it all and think its soooooooo cool.

  6. Brent

    What the FUCK is he wearing?

  7. Brent

    oops i mean she

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