1. Did the short bust make a wrong turn and end up at the airport?

  2. Ben Dover

    What is he 6 years old?

  3. Jimbo

    Does he always have to grab his dick in public?

  4. Felony Fashion Crime: Aggravated eyeball assault with permanent retina damage.

  5. “Dude, I can’t find my penis”

    “Yeah, that’s what SHE said”

  6. tlmck

    His buddy is asking “did you get off yet?”

  7. Lita

    He’s never going to get Mark Wahlberg’s edge dressing like that.

  8. icu

    Trying to bring back The Bay City Rollers look too?

  9. Crankybitch

    I know it’s here somewhere!

  10. Biff

    That’s the new clothing line called “VOMIT!!” by the Douchebag Clothing Co.

  11. Nic06

    what the fuck is this?

  12. Jes

    What the hell is he wearing?!

  13. Johnny

    He’s just checking to see if his balls dropped yet

  14. LCB

    I’m assuming he’ll be taking on Reese Witherspoon’s role.

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