1. M3Essential

    what are they? 11? I am so outta here.

  2. Codot

    I wonder if his hymen broke.

  3. Jenn

    O-M-G two teenagers having fun flirting and kissing….quick alert the media!!!…they are 17 & 18 yrs old not 11 & 12….give it a rest.

  4. thecynic

    The very fact this little excuse for a male is tapping such a hot piece, tells me there is a god, and he hates human beings.

    • Phil McCracken

      No, only most of them. God has His Favorite Children (such as Lohan, who can keep fucking up and never enjoys the consequences of her actions, but if I so much as think an errant thought, Karma absolutely crushes me) and then there’s the rest of us poor saps.

  5. Amominous

    “You’re right! I’m sure I would totally feel something *down there* if you weren’t built like Ken!”

  6. Sybianz

    Poor girl, she is going to be crushed when he comes out of the closet.

    • Kelsey

      Good thing there is no closet to come out of bc he is straight!!!

      • JJ

        nope he is a raving fucking homo closet hiding twat someone should cut off his head and shit down the little pricks neck

      • HGL

        Please be informed that he is gay. Nothing wrong with that, but get a reality check. Hollywierd sets these things up so y’all will continue to have these inane discussions and keep them in the limelight. No brainer.

  7. iSupportJelena

    She’s a lucky girl.

    • Lejla

      And he’s a lucky boy

    • WTF

      They’Re Bothh Lucky People(;

      • JustinBieberHATER

        He is so out of her league

      • Hakura21

        I hesitate to even say this as a guest, knowing how nuts people can be about this topic. BUT.

        Your comments confuse me, given your username being: “JustinBieberHATER”. To me, this implies that you ‘HATE’ Justin Bieiber. Then you comment that HE is out of HER league, which is a compliment to him.

        The next comment starts a clear insult “He wouldn’t last 10 sec”…But then gets turned around with to sound like *another* insult toward Selena with ….” if he had to have sex with her her would be to scared.” I *think* you intended to say he’d be *afraid* to have sex with a woman, but it just came across sounding more like there’s some reason he should be *afraid* of *Selena* specifically.

        I do think he/Selena flaunt their physical relationship a bit much, personally.

      • Dan

        No she is out of his league

  8. ChonchArcola

    hover hand.

  9. lindsay

    i looked at all the pics and wow get a room this guys cant keep there hands off they have to be haveing sex shit even that is turning me on hahaha

  10. lesley

    you guys shuold have sex all night

  11. tiffany

    EWWWW if you look at selenas bikini top you can see her nipple…. and btw justin and selena do NOT make a good couple they look like brother and sister and i heard that selena is just usiing justin for more fame she even said it in an interview so…. justin becarefull BECAUSE SELENA IS GONNA DUMP YOUR ASS OFF

  12. lauren

    I want to date u but I am 10

  13. pwet

    i just became a belieber! good job justin! grab that girls ass! and fuck her like theres no tomorrow!

  14. alexus

    honestly…i think they’re a boring couple.. =_________=

  15. playboy


    • BeibersucklesBalls

      for one u frikin idiot thats his right hand and for two thats her leg her left leg

      • Dr Ha-Ha

        Let him see what he wants to see. Obviously believing he’s seeing Bieber’s peepee is getting him all hot ‘n steamy (hence the caps). Gotta give someone room to come out of the closet.

      • JustinBieberHATER

        Actually you can see his bony fingers just behind the water from her legs

  16. Rashi

    Hawww.,wat a body..i cant control myself

  17. hhhaaa

    anyone else notice his pants are half down

    • WTF

      Noticedd Itt Wow . you can see a teeney bit of his crack

      • Soprano princess

        XD I ain’t no belieber but I beliebe Justin is a horny little girl who fucks his own kind lmao I’m 22 and I would stab Justin in the balls let all the juice fly out in the ocean and let Selena say:WTF that was my dinner! Great now I gotta suck scooter braun dick hey scooter wanna have some fun? ” xddddd.justin: baby baby baby noo that twat was mine mine ” lmao Selena: you know you fucked me you know we shared the worst sex ever but I’ll still be there I want your cock you want my twat but I’m sucking your managers dick haha” lmao I’m stupid xddd

  18. lala

    if u zoom in, you can see her nipple

  19. LOL

    Like any of these pics are real

  20. ugly

    why are those two little girls kissing? homo….

  21. smeg


  22. Cardinal Fang

    Record Corporate arranged relationship.

  23. biswa

    vary nice

  24. pattie

    Finally the Biebs is no longer a virgin boy.

  25. Breezy

    Selena Gomez is 19 and Bieber is 17

  26. Piper

    im happy with selena justin is to young for her and i wish she was dead she better back off my man

  27. Piper

    justin selena is going to dump u she just wants kids and selena is not pretty theres way more better looking girls out there

  28. FAKE


  29. prettygirlswag12

    yes they are definitely havin sex. justin bieber is one horney b*tch

  30. prettygirlswag12

    i think justin is just using her for publicity. dump him girl. you deserve better.

  31. bluebell

    i think that they are very sweet togethar! i mean everyone should leave them alone!! they r in love just get over it!!!!!!!!

  32. sherry

    hahahahahaha so funny

  33. sawyer

    male ako beh na mestoto na biebe vadq pistoleta

  34. lenny

    you are all ignorant. the more attention you give to this, the more hype is made of it. who really gives a shit anyway. I was looking for info on a boy whose parents and sister were slain, and this stupid crap popped up. get a life

  35. nahhbicthitsme

    wtf bicth every body cares if we didnt we wouldnt b on this fukin website XD

  36. Robert

    selena gomez is 19 years old and justin bieber is 17… as far as i know 17 years old is legal consent to have sex, so this should be no big deal… except that if it was a 19 year old guy and a 17 year old girl it would be statchatory rape… way to be double standard…

  37. hey all my peoples dont yall think selena gomez and justin bieber should have sex all day and night

  38. did yall see the grammees the other night nikky manaj look like a dummy. she needs to write better songs and needs to stop wearing ugly bclothes if i were her i’d dress awesome better than any one that was on the grammees.

  39. pstank

    that is so groooooooossssss….. he has no thing……

  40. Partlyparty

    … “had sex last night”…
    You mean: “with each other” or did Justine Bieber had secs and Selena had sex with someone?

  41. Alejandro

    Mai feetlor care tot comentati de Miley!Da poate vreau sa pozez sexy sa ma droghez si sa fac dragoste ca asa face ea!Eu nu sunt de acord cu relatia lor si punct.

  42. Wow

    @lenny the same exact thing happened to me

  43. Wow

    @bluebell u are frickin retarded ur such a dumbass this is all business and popularity

  44. CraigP

    JUSTIN!!! u little dickens….

  45. Breanna

    Justin Bieber does not deserve Selena Gomez she is to pretty for him and she can do way better.

  46. nice playing in the sea

  47. Sprmcandy

    Filthy little slut.

  48. A religious freak and a bad singer how much worst can it get???

  49. erfan

    selena has good tean

  50. LOL

    a menina justin fez sexo pela 1º vez lllloooooollllllll

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