1. Mandi

    What the hell is tattooed on his tiny sunburned body?

  2. celylj

    this little chicano is way hot…goddamn bieber.

  3. Since they’re still “kissing” like it’s a contractual obligation, I somehow doubt sex was on the menu last night.

  4. Manowl

    Funny how Stephanie Seymour’s gay son got more of an erection frolicking with his mom than Justin seems to have here… O the Irony!

  5. Anna

    how much did they pay her to have this “relationship”?

  6. JayJay

    Now I Can Call Selena A BITCH BITCH BITCH

    • anna t smith

      shut the fuck up talkin bout selena gomez like that and omg their shutting down facebook in march cuz people are fighting like this soooooo yeah pretty much …

    • Justin B.

      Shut the fuck up, she’s gonna hit you XD

  7. JBFan20102

    Look under the picture were Justin and Selena are Kissing or about to kiss, look under Justin’s arm, HE AS ANOTHER TATTOO!

  8. MsMia

    WOW, Selena does not look like a slut at all with her tiny bikini she might as-well wear nothing at all! Justin is not old enough to have sex yet anyway! That would be statutory rape! I wonder how long Selena will be living of his fame!

    Look at the facts –

    1. Selena dated Nick Jonas just after the ‘Jonas Brothers’ had their (sold-out) World Tour, just finished their documentary ‘Jonas Brothers – Living The Dream’ and just before their 3D movie, he was her date on the red carpet, she dumped him one week after the Jonas Brothers took a year off!

    2. Selena dated Taylor Lautner just before the release of ‘The Twilight Saga – New Moon’ which was one of the biggest movies of the decade, and guess who was his
    date on the red carpet and hogging up loads of the fame and mania……Selena!

    3. Selena dates Justin Bieber during his huge sell-out ‘My World Tour’ and he is her rumored boyfriend on the purple carpet for the premire of his movie ‘Never Say Never’

    Just look at the facts, she is a fame obsessed user!

    So, what can I say, noting much, just watch out Cody, Greyson and any new artist who is making a name and mania for themselves, soon enough, Selena will be on the prowl again!

  9. emile

    so truee

  10. anna t smith

    omg can i do somthing like that cuz i just totally got mad arrrrrrrrrggg

  11. anna t smith

    im like sooooooooooo loney now

  12. isha

    wtf justin is so sexual with selena

  13. Mike

    He’s SO RIPPED!

  14. Derek

    I see London
    I see– ahh fuck it


  15. hannah

    justin you need fuck your dog!!!lol:)

  16. hannah

    fuck fuck you jB an sg:):)

  17. schnitzel

    Why is it any surprise that these kids “have sex”… kids are very promiscuous these days, of course they have sex. SO WHAT?! He can’t probably keep it up for very long anyways.

  18. TT lowie

    Well that gal ain’t got no tits she’s just dam fake hungry fame MONSTAR

  19. ktwanna

    Wow, should all of these 12 and 13 year olds even be on this site?

  20. lydia

    shut the fuke up talking about selena like that just because ur jelous

  21. Justin Bieber on The Set of ‘Boyfriend’ in Los Angeles


  22. felin

    oee justin bieberr

  23. dede

    hi justin

  24. SelenasClitLicker

    Selena must be a lesbian….she’s making out with a skinny little bitch.

  25. malak

    justin bieber are you crazy????? you!yes you love selena gomez?
    and selena love taylor lautner

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