1. “mmmrmm mrrrmrm bbbbrrrrrmmmmmm”

  2. diana!!

    they are WAY too young for these pics!!

    • Cock Dr

      I believe that he is 17 & she is 19. There’s absolutely no nudity in any of the shots & they ain’t little kids. Seems kosher to me.

      • Kelsey

        no hes not…i think he was attempting to like tackle her into the water and they got the pic mid action…seriously ppl hes not to far younger r doing far worse

    • sexybitch

      OMG bieber your kisssing her B**BS your friken young for this man :S i dont

    • Pure

      Kelsey: “kids far younger r doing far worse”

      Well, so what? Comparing an action to an even lower demoninator does not make the original act acceptable.

      “Oh, he stabbed him, that’s ok, at least he didn’t shoot him!”
      “She’s a crack addict, but that’s ok, not as bad as heroin!!!”

      If we live according to your reasoning, standards will continue to go down down down…because there will always be something even lower that we use as an excuse to say “but this is far worse…” So, your comment is obviously a bit on the dumb side.

      • Sarah.

        Your comment was fucking dumb.

      • David

        I’m thirteen, and I can tell you’re a bitch. Your words don’t relate to anything that guy said. Who the fuck brings heroine into a conversation about sex between a 17 and 19 year old? They’re both of age.

    • Soprano princess

      Hes umm licking her chest wth it look like his hand is under her pussy but it ain’t damn jb u must of died because u ugly as fuck

  3. Sofia

    Ugh I hate this and they did not!!!

  4. Shankaskank

    He’s got his hand on her muff in this pic

  5. Livi

    SOOOOOOO CUTE! I luv true love! They will definantly last a while!!!!! ~livi~

  6. Julia

    Frick, what’s he DOING to that poor innocent girl!?!?!?! Sick, sick, sick! How can she stand having that THING touch her like that. UGH! She could get such a hot boyfriend with REAL muscles. How did HE get her??????

  7. marp

    dont touch that bieber!

  8. deadpool2099

    I bet it went something like this……………JB..” Uhh Uhh Uhh..aww man that was awsome” SG……………..” Is is in yet?”

    • mckenzie

      are u kiding it brobly went like this

      justin:lets go to the room i have a surprise for u
      selena:ok lets go
      justin:get on the bed and take it off
      selena: (laughs) alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      now thier doin it and heres justin
      justin:baby baby baby oh
      selena:like baby ah baby oh just stick it in ah ah ah ah yah yah yah it feels so good just go up and down get it in there ssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ah ah ah ah ah lick my vagina like crazy
      justin:sure just suck on my penis first
      selena:ok (ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah) i could do this all nigh
      justin:or forever oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

  9. @JustinBieber

    hey..this is not u guys’ probs!!! just leave me n selena alone..we are in love.. Get a life guys..I’m not your boyfriend.. Please.. i love selena.. if you guys are my beliebers, u guys shouldn’t broke my heart with say bad things on selena..she’s my girlfriend.. she’s my life..

    • Megan

      justin I belive you but I`m really sad cause your fans and me fill like you don`t love use anymore.

    • Caitlin

      Justin, not to be hatin but some fans think that you are theirs and only theirs.
      They think you are abandoning them and trading them for selena. I still love you (as a fan) and i have stood by you since I found your youtube videos. Ignore the haters and what they say. It’s your life. Do what you please.
      With Love

    • No-Name

      If Thats You Which I dont Think So.. However We Are Not saying Bad Things From Our Mind We Are Saying What we are seeing In The Pic..
      It Was Just Missing To Fuck Her On the Beach

    • Gabi

      aww thats so true and sweet!

      • anonimouse

        ur reely dumb right justin is stupid he ruined his and her carrer and u kno wat hes gonna go bak to the mice and no bed cuz he ruined hiz carrer to

    • sexbitch

      justin bieber i think you and selena are perfect and i hate you but when it comes to relation ship you guys are perfect and what ever these guys say never under estimate your relationship with selena and you can touch her BOOBS and HAVE SEX AND LAY NAKED IN BED and dirty stuff but never leave her cause you too are perfect though its not your age of sex but have sex and lay naked but never let anyone give shitty comments i think you too are made together and will have a very stong future together sooo muaah NOO SORRY SELENA BIEBER IS ALL YOURS and conrats for such a lovely relationship and i say go for sexx and nakedness haha be dirty for

    • sexbitch

      btw ieber your girlfriend is toooooo SEXXY

    • Eva

      WTF. Stop pretending to be him, You’re not, he wouldn’t come comment with all that stuff..

    • caitlin

      whoa so wait i think the fact that justin bieber and selena do all that but squeezing in the day and kissing what goes on at night this theory is very logical justin and selena are always up under each other and i think justin is the hornier one in this relationship instead of selena

    • iminnobodyelseside

      i think ur some beliebers are loosing because of ur true colors and if u want you and selena to be leave alone u should know WHERE and WHEN to touch her . i think ur just a real PERVERT. cause when selena and taylor launter are still together i didn’t see taylor touching his pussy and kissing her b**bs….its like ur just one of hypocrite people

    • Sarah

      Even if ur not justin bieber,ur rite these people should get a life

    • matilda khoury

      r u the real justin? wish so…….. cause if u wanna date selena its u’r choice but she just left her mother when she lost the baby and selena just didn’t care that she lost a brrother

  10. Megan

    oh and justin I`m a fan but I`m not in love with you because why love some one that you don`t know.but every girl does

  11. Megan

    sorry what I ment was why love some one that you don’t know that much about.

  12. Marc Cornejo

    Is that rly his face on her tits?? and his hand…? i wish i was him i wld fuck her up on that beach!!!!!!

  13. mustache

    Justin,not to be mean i dont realy like u much now and i like selena but do u know whats going to happen if u have a baby this young your life will be over…

    • Paige

      sex doesn’t neccesarily mean babies – THAT’S WHAT PROTECTION IS FOR – and really, they both have good family support plus millions in the bank so if they were to have a baby they could certainly support him/her.

      and as 17 and 19 year olds kissing on the beach is hardly a major issue – and sex is just sex so if they want to let them!

  14. Selena Angel Gomez

    He took off my clothes and sucked on my privates the photo isnt here but he is soooo hot!

  15. Selena Angel Gomez

    Listen just leave us alone we love eachother we dont care if we have a baby or not we just want to be together

  16. Jack Frost

    Ewwwwwwwwwww thats gross look were Justin’s hand is at!!!

  17. Gabi

    thats srta funny!

  18. carrlee


    • Eva

      Ha, someones mad. If you hate them why would you be reading articles on them ? I think someones a secret bieber lover.

    • Sarah

      Wow I think someone has anger issues,and by the way I think selena is not a whore,maybe its just that you’re jealous.

  19. Jesse Henderson

    step off their ass nobody is all up in your shit leave them alone so whut if thay do have a kid alsome we shold be happy like me i dont care do u before i do them justin is alsom an the poperotzy need to step off of them those pics are there bisnes just leve the alone

  20. Jesse Henderson

    i hate this show thay r alwase fing whith people selena a justin u guys bolth rock have a kid it isnt anybodys bissnes i like u bolth

  21. Colby

    Bieber you’re a sick pervert

  22. anonimouse

    mann justin is reely a perve well i think he should kno he ruined selena s carrer i hope ur happy selena say good bye to disney channel and there only gonna show ur shows at 3:00 in the mornin so goodluk cuz u just lost a fan :( thanks alot

    • kat

      wow ur such a big baby.! if you were 17 and 18 u would prob have sex wit ur bf. its ok if ur not a fan any more cuz both justin and selena have billions of fans ur just one so u have no effect on either of them… i love you justin and you rock selena.!!

    • Kelsey

      haha she was leaving disney anyway and she has done nothing wrong and he did not end her career at all..if not made it better

  23. mei

    i luv ‘u justin! Do what ‘u wana do !!!its ‘ur life! we BELIEBERS will still luv ‘u!

  24. Standershooters

    fucker wants porn!

  25. ale

    i am not a justin bieber fan but weather they had sex or not weather they are being nasty in public or not i think everybody should mind their own business it’s their life and they can do whatever they want. if they’re happy i think that’s all that matters. they love each other. just let them be.

  26. Abby

    Justin’s right hand looks like his touching her Vagina..

  27. Rena

    First off, id just like to point out that Justin is closer to the camera than Selena, He was not kissing her boobs, nor did they have sex they are good kids and they where having fun at the beach, you all need to grow up and act your age, couples do this ALL the time but just because they are famous you have to be rude and hate on them.



    • Sarah

      I know if they were really their biggest friend they would support them.

  28. badbishxo

    ew there mad ugly they needa go suck my dick real talk.

  29. RichKhimo9

    look at his hands

  30. ...........

    i think u should all get a life

  31. super mother F.U.C.K

    you guys are just hating them there not trying to fuck each other there just hanging out in there own way so you do it how you want it and they will do what they want ok so who ever was bad mouthing justin and selena then you can go fuck your mother and if shes dead then go to her grave dont forget shovel and dig her out and then fuck her for girls go get you dad and punch him in the face and drag him in a room and take of his cloes and yours and fuck and if you are a lezz get your sister and go fuck her untill she cries and if you are a fish go swim and get a rock and draw a dick and suck on it and if you are gay then go get your brother and slap dicks with eachother and pee in each others face and put sperm on rthe floors and doors

    wellllllll sorry i have to go well byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and i have no idea why i put all that stuff

  32. hey justin what’s your email something i have to ask you privately.

  33. OVOTR

    i can really rememberhow many girls i ve fucked by the time i was 17. a lot

  34. Keaton Chicoine (Ke-tin Shee-qwen)

    Yo, Selena I don’t want to offend you (only because I used to have a HUGE! crush on you but now I got a girlfriend) but I agree with you. You love Justin (even if I think he is a total idiot) and thats all that matters. So don’t listen to these dummies. Okay?

  35. not tellin' you ma name

    And another thing, Hey Justa Biever, sorry ‛bout the name (its a habit at my school) anyway your probably just poparazzi saying your him but dude, seriously everybody thinks your all that, so respect it while you still got it, so don’t blow it by saying ‘hey guys stay outta my business will ya?’ and then Selena says ‘he stripped me naked and then sucked on my boobs’ :p thats nasty, and your only what? 16? I don’t really think you like her because of her personality, but because of her looks. And if thats it then I would be dating Ashly Tisdale.

  36. not tellin' you ma name

    Cassidy your right, her middle name is Marie,I don’t know how i new tht? eh, hoo gives damn. you make me sic ta tha stumick you f***ing basterd wanna bees. ›:(

  37. nahhbicthitsme

    that bicth get the fuck on my nerves

  38. Name

    FYI he is not kissing her boob and do u notice him touching her crotch??? lol ahah this is kinda strange but i dont care because i LOVE JELENAAAA!!!!!!

  39. Victor "Smurf" Salinas

    Selena looks like shes a good fuck

  40. boogie b3ar

    hey i am glad that u both luv eachother but what u guys are doing is wrong and selena i know u had sex with miley cyrus

  41. taz

    I fell bad for you guys if they wont to be together just let them be together if they are happy let them be that is all

  42. Sarah.

    Wow, He was about to tackle her into the water, You can obviously tell that, She’s 19 for gods sake, & they’ve been dating for what? 9-10 Months Haha, Are the girls on here are ridiculously jealous of her, Because she’s gorgeous.& Stop commenting if you’re illiterate. -___-

  43. Sarah.

    And he isn’t “Kissing her boob” That’s below her boobs. LMFAO wow

  44. darkCLOUD

    WOW!! WOw ! and wow! he’s putting his hands on her pu**y. ..

  45. jawad

    he is finguring her pussy

  46. Britney Rector

    I want to see justins cock an suck on it so hard

  47. Britney Rector

    he heading for the boobs and i have way bigger boobs than selena i want to see the real action

  48. louann

    OMG! The Handdd O.o

  49. They are old enough to do whatever the fuck they want so your comments really dont matter to them

  50. yolo67

    omg his hand is on her private!!!

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