1. sixtephen

    Brutal photoshopping. Only cropping it square would have gotten rid of that mile-long crack. Even then…

  2. Rufus The Cat

    Why are there pictures of this fatty naked? Seriously, you piss me off America.

  3. Rough is part of a plan, you can not comprehend

    I heard the Camera man and Best Boy had such a big fight on who had the better view at Kimmy’s 1/4 of a spread, Union had to step in and arbitrate…And rightfully so.

  4. Margret

    Come on, it’s just work… But seriously, I don’t mind bouncing back with that body after giving birth… And I haven’t even gotten pregnant yet

  5. KoldShadow

    Fatty?!?!? Wow, she’s not supermodel status, but if you think that’s fat, wow, what an inaccurate description. She’s hot, but looked much better in “Playboy”. The shot from the back with her turning around is definitely *FAP*-worthy, but the rest are still noteworthy.

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